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anti slip floor tiles singapore


Anti-slip coatings can help to prevent such accidents and save lives. Company Address : 45, Tagore Avenue Singapore 787665 > For Slippery Floor or Bathtub treatment, please contact: Email: Tel: Karen (65) 9825 1982 > Apart from the high coefficient of friction characteristic, it is essential for the tiles installed at high foot traffic areas to have the ability to withstand deep abrasion due to the excessive use at open areas. Slip and fall accidents can be a big deal for old folks, toddlers and women during pregnancy. Every of our staff is meticulous and well trained for the anti slip coating. Anti-slip chemical is applied to the existing floor area (bathroom/toilet). The R13 rating is the highest slip resistance rating for anti-slip floor tiles. anti slip. The nano slip holes formed are secured permanent on surface and basically will not wear off at all. _.push(o)};z._=[];z.set._=[];$.async=!0;$.setAttribute('charset','utf-8'); $.src='//';z.t=+new Date;$. Unleashing a unique and revolutionary “PUSH-TO-FIT” interlocking resilient flooring, our NOVEFLOR vinyl flooring collection is built on an innovative two parts platform, which provides fast installation and a firm step finish. Anti slip Treatment to Floor Option. Unlike most conventional flooring options that are made of low quality synthetic materials, anti slip flooring is made to effectively withstand impact over time. In this post, I am presenting you one of Singapore’s leading anti-slip floor treatment specialist, G-MES International. Home » Services » Floor Mats. Anti-Slip Floor Treatment. We proudly present our nano anti slip flooring solution. Share your experience! Public outdoor areas including wet market, hawker centres, shop and building walkways which have high density pedestrian traffic and always subject to wetness (rain, water spillage and etc.) Delta Anti Slip Floor Treatment is a water based, clear solution that creates microscopic channels on the floor surface it is applied to, and enhance its slip resistance. Our anti slip coating is fast, effective and cost saving. For indoor wet areas such as the shower floor, bathroom floor and kitchen floor which have lower foot traffic, unglazed ceramic tiles with rough finish or textured surface are applicable. After treatment, the slip resistant increases GREATLY and the flooring is no longer slippery. are recommended to install non slip porcelain tiles which have higher slip resistance level for the safety and well-being of the users. Hack and remove existing cement floor and re-lay with new cement flooring with hairline texture, like above photos. This is why we offer our services for protection. Slip resistant tile from Floor & Decor is 50% more slip resistant, making floors safer for areas where spills might happen. People rarely look down, it’s true. ceramic tiles, quarry tiles, mosaic floor, etc. If you are a business owner, it is important to install slip resistant ceramic tiles in your premises for the safety of your employees creating a safe work area for them while keeping you out of unexpected expenses due to accidents and injuries caused by slippery flooring. Slip-resistant tile in showers can make it safer, especially if you have a standing shower. Wide variety of different formulated solutions catered specially for different types of tiles for the best results❗️, NEW ENHANCED VERSION FOR EXTRA PROTECTION, Industrial Strength Equivalent For Slip Resistant, Proven 100% Effective under wet conditions, We only supply and install to ensure quality (Not a DIY product), Most Popular & Exclusive in Singapore (One and only). Manufactured in USA and recognized for preventing slips and falls, Randolph Randogrip coatings are engineered to meet the requirements of ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) and OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) guidelines. Slip-resistant tile can make floors safer. Somany Slip Shield tiles are also resistant to graze and blemish and hence lend a sense of timelessness to the design. Hafary’s newest product feature: WT36006G WT36006G wall tile collection simulates the beauty of grey marble. Every marble floor that's just been mopped, every kitchen in every restaurant or school cafeteria, every bathtub in every hotel, every washroom floor with a few drops of water- all these places are prone to slip… The treatment is an impregnating treatment that can be used on almost all types of floor surfaces such as polished natural stones like marble and granite, or engineered composite stone, ceramic and porcelain tiles. Preventive measure is important to eliminate the hazard which is fatal related to falls. Non Slip Ceramic Tiles Singapore | Non Skid Safety Solutions Are your anti slip tiles slippery when is wet and soapy? Options include gorgeous, large porcelain anti slip floor tiles ideal for stylish homes and reception areas, R12 finishes suitable for commercial use and the latest anti slip exterior tiles. In fact, slip and fall accidents are a leading causes of traumatic brain injuries. Premixed anti slip paint – the most common anti slip bathroom flooring Singapore. Nothing is more important than a healthy and safety environment. anti slip DIY kits. Protect your family, staff and public users for safety Now ❗️. Flooring is the general term for a permanent covering of a floor, or for the work of installing such a floor covering. They come in a myriad of effects for a modern, Terracotta, travertine and natural wood look effect you are looking for. There a few options to improve the existing floor to have anti-slip finishes : Over lay with floor tiles or finishes product with anti-slip treatment , like tiles, vinyl, timber etc. For instance, we can also recommend slate effect tiles that tend to have a great anti-skid finish making them ideal for swimming pools and spas surrounding. Upgrade your kitchen, bathroom & shower floors with our anti-slip tile flooring options to … Maisonette / EC / Condo Slip and fall accidents often lead to severe injuries and disabilities. Connect with us for more videos, pictures and most trusted reviews. [CDATA[ Customers is strongly advised to brush and clean the tiles with or without detergents for 3 days after the treatment for better slip resistant. paints & coatings. The accident will have occurred. Anti Slip Floor Treatment is a clear solution designed to be used on mineral surfaces such as ceramic, homogeneous & porcelain tiles, or concrete floor surfaces. Overall, non slip ceramic floor tiles are practical, beautiful and stylish with only little maintenance required. Vinyl Flooring (Sheet) Vinyl Sheet Flooring are suitable in health services, kindergartens and laboratories. //

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