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trails from zero


Defeat the boss to complete the quest. Head to the IBC Building way up in the northern part of the city’s map. There are also elements that were not in Sora no Kiseki games, such as the Police Department, cars, and a strip club. Hope no one else runs into this issue. Ys vs. Trails: Testing! After that go to the Lotus Heights in the Downtown District and examine the left door on the 2nd floor. It’s the age of day one and continuous patching, so we’ve put together a patch to our patch to patch your lives up in this patchless time. at the 1st Chapter). Image courtesy of The Geofront. After returning to Crossbell City from the Cathedral, go back to the Cathedral and talk to Sister Marble in her classroom. Then choose the 1st option: Definitely (+2DP) to complete the quest. Learn how your comment data is processed. Upon reinstalling and clicking ‘play from latest’, It seems the files weren’t deleted. Go into the house, into the door straight ahead, and talk to Representative Campbell to accept the quest. The auto saves stop working when it gets to this stage. This appears to have successfully installed the game for me and the game seems to be running fine now. After you defeat the last group, choose the 1st option to go back to the mayor’s house and complete the quest or the 2nd option to continue exploring. Go back to Thomas and show them to him to trigger a scene. Go talk to Pierre, the head honcho of the C.S.P.D.’s conference room on the 1st floor of the police department. Then go to the office on the 2F and choose the 2nd option to start the investigation. From there go talk to Sunita in the other house at the bottom of the stairs. So I quickly went to check, and it turns out the entire purchase process for Trails from Zero can now be performed in English. Go back to City Hall and up the stairs and into the mayor’s room to complete the quest. Thought I'd go ahead and get the ball rolling on the Trails From Zero discussion!. I was so excited to see the PS4 controls as it’s my most commonly used controller besides the Pro. Choose the following answers during the lecture: Head to the Residential Street and examine the gate of the house near the top of the stairs for an event. After talking to everyone go and speak to the family again, pay special attention to the kid on the left side of the train. From there talk to the purple-haired passenger again sitting alone on the right side. He wants some ingredients. After the fight, go back through the gate for an event. Choose the 1st option to buy the knitted pom beanie. Simply rotate the camera in battle and problem solved! Choose the first option again to accept 3 more quests. *Note* If you want to earn the full amount of DP for this quest, go and talk to Bennett at the back of the store (the lady to the Left), she will request an additional 2 Monster Wings. Make your way through the dungeon and once you get to the orbment station, save and continue for the dungeon boss. thanks for everything and everything in the future. Start by going to the Library and talk to Miles at the front desk to accept the quest. First Fight: This was a long wait for me and a lot of people who have been following this project since its early stages, but it was well worth it, as we got something of pro-quality localization, and probably even better than that. Has anyone noticed that the Detection and Eagle Eye quartz don’t work? Again, thanks. Head out the north exit of Mishelam and talk to the right staff member in front of the sign to accept the quest. After you complete the quest, talk to the following food stand owners again to get free food as thanks. This monster is located on the next screen when taking the right path at the crossroad. Upon checking the folder I have the game saved in, where before I saw actual files for my saves, there is now nothing there. For me, the key step after removing the .deploy extension from the files was simply running ZeroLauncher.exe in Application Files/ZeroLauncher_1_0_1_0. Because, again, the japanese, and even the chinese base game runs just fine on both Vista and XP. Head to the Harbor District and talk to the people in front of the white tent to accept the quest. Enemy Selection: During the whole game there was a weird bug where unless I spun my camera around in battle, it either would not let me select the enemies to the left or it would choose the enemy to the left of the screen until I spun the camera around. Head to Imelda Antique Shop in the Back Alley and talk to Imelda to accept the quest and obtain the Key to Maison Imelda. Examine the locked door on the 2nd floor. – 3 Monster Wings. Head to the Bracer’s Guild and talk to the receptionist. Start by going to Genten Orbal Shop in Central Street and talk to the receptionist Wendy to accept the quest. So I finished the game after 55 hours of play and a Detective Rank of 3. And somehow I’m blind to find the link for the game to buy, so I can install the rest, so I can play the game. After beating the boss, go north, up the elevator, then south to complete the quest. If you get all 9 locations, you’ll earn extra DP. Take the bus from the east exit to Tangram Gate. It’s working nicely with Steam Link so I can play it on my TV while on the couch:), I will also mention that Trails of Cold Steel IV HAS BEEN ANNOUNCED for North America by Nis America, so this was the perfect time to play Trails from Zero:). Super Delayed, but do you still need help? Exchange 30 of each type of sepiths to finish the quest. Head to Station Street and talk to Lyd walking in front of the station. Go to Application Files/ZeroLauncher_1_0_1_0 and remove the “.deploy” extension from all files. Once you’ve spoken with him, head to the number 2 platform and speak to him again. Boss: Org Virage x2 You can easily notice your game glitched by seeing usually some photos inside the games, or boards getting all white (and example would be the board above the Geofront B door or Cecile’s photo in her room in the hospital, or the front of the car that’s always parked in Armorica village). when is Azure ready… . I looked around trying to figure this out, and was trying to just delete the deploy files, instead of renaming. Then go to the Heyworth’s House in the Residential Street. It doesn’t like certain angles when trying to select enemies for some reason. and I cannot install any of the 4 dependencies… Any ideas? I just started Ao no kiseki today and there’s a world of difference between both translation. You can find the installer on our downloads page. *Note*(Equip an item that prevents poison). Fight 2: SOMEONE SHOULD STICKY THIS! As Yin, her personality shifts to a more confident personality. . Defeat the Monsters to clear the quest (+3DP) I know. Defeat the boss to complete the quest. Talk to Tront in a room on the 2nd floor to accept the quest. This franchise deserves a lot of love, and no better way to show that love than by doing such a great patch. It’s the big yellowish bird by the dead end near the beginning of the path. Head over to the Old Dragon Inn on East Street and talk to the waitress Shanshan in the Chinese dress to accept the quest. Now go to the Harbor District and catch 3 Angelfish using the Feather Tackle and Red Flies. Examine the gate for a difficult fight: Talk to Old Man Quint to accept the quest. If you choose to wait until you return from Armorica Village to deliver, you will have an excess of them. Once you got all ingredients, return to the Bakery and deliver the requested items to Bennett First. Leave and go to the bar Galante and talk to the bartender. Lloyd will have to interrogate the people in the train car. Luscious Orange. Works like a charm, incredible Just in time too when we have to stay at home and all. Additional info: Could not clear temporary directory. Once you reach the area from the other side, use the lever to open the gate. 2nd option: A youthful duo. I saw some translations but there were a lot of missing voice lines and stuff, so if anyone knows of a version that is the same quality as this Zero translation then please tell me. Finally head back to the Old Dragon Inn and Talk to Lars & Kurt again to give them the plush and clear the quest. Since some of the scenes are so long. Great timing for the release since Cold Steel 3 just came out on Steam and it references so much in Zero. This Monster is located just ahead of the stop point (where the party took a rest back *Note*Available after you spoke to Grace at the restaurant. I’m using a Japanese PC version of the game (bought legally! Just played through the opening scenes and I can already tell it’s gonna be a blast. I just hope they see a noticeable uptick in interest in the series. Defeat the boss to complete the quest. Rewards: 5 DP, 1000 Mira, Invigorate Quartz. Now go down the stairs and talk to Joachim in the white lab coat near the chest at the top. Boss: Vesse, Ryan, Azel, Kientz, Slash, Koki, Jedd, Huey Then go to C.S.P.D Building in Administrative District and talk to the receptionist Fran. I've been playing through the Legend of Heroes franchise (you can see my previous thread that has impressions of Cold Steel 1, 2, and the Sky Trilogy here) and I just completed Trails from Zero/ aka Zero no Kiseki.Zero is the first game in the franchise that I've … (And Thank you for the chest messages in-game too .). Go back to Der Ziegal Inn and talk to Luka again to complete the quest. Just registered to say thank you so much. Then talk to Sister Marble to accept the quest. Once you’ve finished the quest, go back to the SSS building and examine the PC, and choose the 2nd option to report it. Boss: Bubbly Scissors G x2 I’ve been running into this bug frequently. Both Zero no Kiseki: Kai and Ao no Kiseki: Kai will be fully voiced. Personally I have my controller corrected by default, and so it was a bit confusing navigating the button config screen, and how the button graphics where reversed. Finally return to the C.S.P.D Building and talk to Rebecca again to report the results and clear the quest. Defeat the boss to complete the quest. Talk to the receptionist Lanfei to accept the quest. It is said that the patch removes flickering, but I have them anyway. Boss: Blade Fang x4 Return to the apartment for some more scenes, and the quest is over. If you chose to continue exploring, just head back to the mine entrance to complete the quest. The two biggest issues I found through a whole playthrough were basically the enemy selection sometimes going crazy mostly getting stuck in the left, at least when playing with a PS4 controller. But then again, how could it not be? You know there are autosaves, right? Then talk to the waitress Luka and choose the 2nd option. Go into Ash Tree Inn and talk to the owner Gofan to accept the quest. First head over to the Administrative District and go into CSPD Building. There is no file to file to install as far as I can find. Thanks, I’m not finished with this game yet either, but I will say, AWESOME JOB so far Geofront team:), also kudos for those links to the dlsite store to buy the game digitally so we can not only support the awesome folks at Falcom, but to have a legal copy of the game:) You may choose to cancel and\nperform a normal action instead.” I’m not sure if this is a bug from some specific action I took, or something else? Go towards the north exit and talk to Sunita again to give her the kitten and complete the quest. Go to the upper left area to find the boss. D: I do lose progress but I’ve been saving much much more frequently since I’ve noticed this happens several times a day… Let me know if you found any solutions. I’m sure it was a lot of work, but there’s people like me that really, really appreciate that you started and finished this, no matter how long it took. The installer and launcher work very well, the game runs so smoothly and beautifully, and I am taking extra care to talk to everyone over and over at each stage because I know how hard you worked to translate and edit all of the dialogue and it would be a shame to miss any. Talk to the receptionist Shion to accept the quest. Then talk to both Cecile and Meifa  in this room. But when I start the game seems like it’s patched and turbo is working so the implementation from the patch you guys made seems to have been applied. Go back downstairs and talk to the receptionist Sera on the left. At the 1st prompt, choose the 1st option: Working independently (+1DP) Trails of Cold Steel II Hidden Quest Guide. Next take the elevator up to 16F, go into the room at the end of the hallway, and talk to Mariabell. Again, just wanted to point this out, but as a whole I’m really happy with the final product you delivered, and I couldn’t be happier about actually waiting instead of playing an inferior translation. loved this blog too with the very detailed updates every few months, btw. Go to Imelda Antique Shop in the Back Alley and talk to Imelda to accept the quest. Anser the last question as shown below (+2DP): 1st option: Central Square’s sweets stall. I suspect Geofront soft translated the game, and that ED_ZERO.GDF is the file responsible to make ED_ZERO.exe to detect and communicate with the translated stuff(exe.csv, data_en folder etc), but since my OS can’t handle .GDF it just ignores it since it’s unsupported, thus it won’t load the translated files. If you do then great but take a rest first and take care of your health It has a relatively self-contained story and is … I can only hope for an update in the future that will support old OSs as well since .GDF seems to be just some kind of behavior script(so it’s just text), so maybe there’s an equivalent that would work for old OSs, what do I know? Head over to Morges’ Bakery on West Street and talk to the chef Morges in the back room to accept the quest. The load/save menus were basically inoperable, forcing you to go to your last save. Go out the south exit to Ursula Road, then take the west-branching path all the way to Stargazer’s Tower. Head to St. Ursula Medical College and go into room 304, talk to Cecile to accept the quest (twice if you didn’t see her optional event above). Second issue is that the game sometimes glitches in a way it doesn’t recognize any of your save files, so you can’t save or load anything. © 2020 Esterior Network - Theme Customizations by Kirsten "omgfloofy" Miller. T… Take the bus back to Crossbell and go to the Fisherman’s Guild on East Street for an event and receive the Bamboo Rod. Boss: Vizou x2 Choose 2nd option: This morning. Funny that it worked the first time but after installing Microsoft C++ Redistributable and rebooting, setup.exe started giving me the error (translated from my language, words might not be accurate) “Not possible to continue, the application doesn’t have the correct format. On the first map, take the right branch first as the left branch is blocked by a gate initially. Boss: Regna Veriel, Executor x2, Frost Slime x3 HQ to get Zeit. I was using Mastercard and it wouldn’t work for me until I got an email from the bank confirming that I wish to make an out-of-country purchase. Head to the C.S.P.D Building in the Administrative District and talk to Donovan in the room just past the blocked off stairs to accept the quest. However the bug didn’t allow me to save, so I will have to replay a little bit (a lot less than I thought I would have though). Then talk to the receptionist Lanfei. Then examine the “!” mark on the bench next to the left entrance of the Hotel Millenium. Choose 1st option: Suddenly ran away from home. 3rd book: Return to the same spot where you rescued the boys and fought the Ice Gummies in Geofront A to fight Brave Bat x4, Megalo Bat. If you have a new project, please consider opening a patreon so I could support you guys ! You guys do have it right where normally the Switch Pro Controller and devices like the 8bitdo wireless receiver will make the controller use the Xbox layout by default, so pressing the button labeled A will press B exc. I guess files like ED_ZERO.GDF are the ones responsible to make the conversation between ED_ZERO.EXE and the translated files. Thank you Geofront Team so dang much! This will be a difficult fight if you’re unprepared. Defeat ALL groups of enemies in the mine to trigger an event. Thank you for all the hard work, this is amazing. Take the bus from the north exit to the intersection, northwest into the tunnel, then take the west branching path all the way to the Temple of the Moon. They charged an international transaction fee of 70 cents. Go back to the other room and examine the desk again. Boss: Mosquito x4, Superior Mosquito. Trails from Zero or Zero no Kiseki is the first game of the Crossbell Saga that followed the Trails in the Sky games. The translation was very good. Just in case anyone else has this issue, a simple restart resolved this for me. Talk to Selteo again and choose the 2nd option to hand over all your peculiar dishes and complete the quest: *Note* Even if you’re missing a recipe, if you have its peculiar dish in your inventory, DLsite won’t let me use my card and I can’t find any other places online that have it. Second Fight: The classics - monster-slaying and random junk. Nevermind, it’s the game itself, so no blemish on Geofront’s great job. HD Texture Pack! A guy named アイジャリアン was able to make a workaround for it, so credits to him. Head to Guillaume Factory in the Downtown District and talk to Guillame & Roberts to accept the quest. You guys are absolute legends! Talk to the receptionist Cynthia. Head back to Crossbell, then go out the west exit, and examine the back of each vehicle. The game has never been officially localized in English, but has seen a fan translation known as Trails from Zero. Rewards: 4 DP, 5000 Mira, Craft Book – Sun. *Note*Available after you return from St. Ursula Medical College. Now go out the east exit and examine the back of each vehicle. HQ rooftop. First, examine the “!” mark on the leftmost fence on the terrace just outside the Arc-en-ciel building. First, when talking the first time to Iris in the back alley right after she says “Randy, will you pleeease come play with us again?” Second, when entering the administrative district for the first time and Lloyd says, “We definitely should try to remember the way here from the SSS building.” The second is game-stopping since you can’t avoid the dialogue. Finally head back to City Hall and Talk to Shion again to report the results to clear the quest. When prompted to give something extra to Bennet, choose Crying Onion/号泣オニオン (+1DP). Anyone have any insight? So far, I’ve found it in two spots. so…. 1st book: . This Monster is located on the same screen as the fishing spot on the Crossbell City side of the bridge. Go to City Hall and talk to Mayor Macdowell in his office, then to the receptionist. “– Go into Application Files/ZeroLauncher_1_0_1_0 and remove .deploy extension from all files. I played the Sky games before of course, and I did play Cold Steel 1 and 2 before this patch was completed, but I did decide to wait for Cold Steel 3 and actually managed to stay relatively unspoiled about the Crossbell games (besides stuff Cold Steel 2 might’ve spoiled a bit, and of course, I know all the soundtrack at this point). The amount of work and re-editing necessary for our patch to work on PSP would end up being a lot more than we bargained for due to the immense character limitations caused by the PSPs resolution and hardware. Once you accept his request you need to find bring 3 rings and bring them to Thomas. Heck, even Ao no Kiseki runs on XP and Vista. From there go up the stairs to Hotel Delfinia, into the west hallway, and talk to the maids. Check the Battle Notebook and look through it to see which enemies drop these. It’s my first time doing so, so I ask. Also obtain the following: When prompted to give something extra to Oscar, choose Luscious Orange/情熱オレンジ (+1DP). Boss: Nepenthes G x3 Head back to Crossbell and go back to the Library. And that is making me appreciate the game itself that much more. Go to St. Ursula Medical College and head to the 2nd floor of the main building, into the door behind the Nurse Center, and talk to the nurse Martha to accept the quest. Windows 7, if it matters. Then go down to the 2nd floor, into the room behind the Nurse Station, and talk to Meifa to get the Ribbon. Then enter Geofront – B Sector and talk to the staff member by the boxes to accept the quest. I’ve run into an error about 2-3 hrs in where for some reason my save files got completely deleted. Video Game News, Guides, Releases and Updates. ), and whilst i’ve only just started it’s working flawlessly so far. I just finished the game and I have to say the patch was overall fantastic. I cant wait to play it! Four rookie cops are enlisted to improve the reputation of the police by joining a new group called the Special Support Section. Finally go back downstairs and out the west exit to complete the quest. Now go through the main entrance, straight through to the next door. Thought it was first come first serve it was one of the things I was looking forward to, but alas my chest dream had been crushed. Head back to the main area and examine the blue-tarp covered tank. Thanks for all your hard work! The boss can inflict Confuse, Seal, and Freeze, so plan accordingly. Talk to Thomas at Hotel Delfina. Keeps getting into this state. Doing that will complete the quest. She will ask you to use the mirage art Hollow Sphere, which casts the Stealth status effect once, in battle. Online! Quoting James over there. Go to the Back Alley and enter Imelda’s Shop for another scene. Then go to Times Department Store in Central Square. 3rd option: For their enjoyment. Watch the events that follow to complete the quest. Use whichever Rod and Bait to fish it out. The game is great, the translation is great, and my work just shut down until April and we get paid! Gotten around the fishing point by the pier. Create a backlog, submit your game times and compete with your friends! She finds herself questioning the path of being a dancer or an assassin. So when I get to the installer and click install I pull up the change file type. Boss: Savage Horn x2 Talk to Miles again to return the books and complete the quest. Then watch the scene at the bench in the Resort area. Talk to Mr. Quatro, who can be found next the left side ticket counter in the Crossbell Train Station (he wears dark clothes) to begin the quest. Take the bus from the north exit to the intersection, then take the east branch all the way to Rosenburg Studio and save. Fish Fillet x3. (Optional) Go back to Arc en Ciel and talk to the receptionist Roland and Balsamo by the counter. Defeat ALL the enemies to trigger an event. Get it at Fortuna Restaurant. Go up to the 2nd floor and talk to Prada at Boutique Lucca across from the stairs. The Legend of Heroes: Zero no Kiseki (英雄伝説(えいゆうでんせつ)零の軌跡(ゼロノキセキ)) is the fourth installment in the Trails series and the first game of the Crossbell arc, set in Crossbell. From there obtain the following monster ingredients: Please reference the FAQ on the site for details regarding a PSP release. Elie and Tio will also temporarily leave the party. After playing for few hour I see a lot of love in your works, especially the chest message.. Finally return back to room 304 of the main building and talk to Cecile again to complete the quest. I pretty much wasted my whole sunday trying to solve this. The game takes place in Crossbell City, a city where light and darkness are together, as well as locations arround it. Then talk to Sandra the hostess who is asleep on the bar. Finally head back to Hotel Millenium and Talk to Tront again to return his stuff and clear the quest. Enter the hotel then exit through the other *Note* You’ll automatically return to the C.S.P.D building. – Run ZeroLauncher.exe in Application Files/ZeroLauncher_1_0_1_0”. Rewards: 4 DP, 5000 Mira, Craft Book – Star. Boss: Slash, Koki, Jedd, Huey What exe text file are you talking about? Go to C.N.S Building in the Harbor District and talk to the receptionist Tria to accept the quest. Next go to East Street and talk to the fish merchant Marte. These drop from enemies or can be bought. Thanks Geofront team for the continous, untiring work on this amazing project. Head into the newly unlocked door and down the elevator to get to a new section of Geofront – B Sector. *Note*This fight is the first two fights combined. Boss: Feathered Mole x4, Grand Mole The rest of the dialogue is fine, but everybody moves soooo slow. I doubt it’s gonna happen, though. Fight 3: Defeat the boss to complete the quest. Just wanted to let you know that this was so helpful! What does the game look like if you open ED_ZERO.exe? Now go to Maison Imelda located in the Downtown District (near Ignis). Game executable not found. Talk to Chief Tolta in the back-most house to accept the quest and acquire the Private Property Key. Today on Trails from Zero we have our first episode of taking on the requests being sent in. Go through the door on the left, through another door, and talk to Father Renton to get the Lupinas Flowers. Continue to the next area for a boss fight: 1. Either Tio (beacuse she has the water oriented slots) or Elie (air ones) So it’s really amazing that you gals and guys didn’t just edit one of the biggest JRPG in terms of script size, but added so many QoL features, amazing work on part of your programmers JoseJL and Ribose. Also, I would have to say this is my second favorite storyline of the series as a whole. You shouldn’t loose too much progress with them. Now examine the wooden gate here and use the key to open it. The errors I got where: One person on reddit said you can still use your card on that site to buy points to buy the game but of course I can’t find that page anywhere on the japanese site even though the button is right there on the english site. If Reflect Liquid was one of the dishes you handed over (made from Rich Cream Soup), you’ll also get the final recipe, Ripe Onion Soup and an achievement/record. Go back up to the main entrance for an event and a new path will open up. Clear Gelatin x3. The problem is that .GDF doesn’t support my OS, so my OS just ignores it along with maybe other unsupported files and just runs the game as it is, in japanese. Head to the Bellheim Apartments on West Street and talk to Ryu in a room on the lower level to accept the quest.

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