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cashier's check walmart


So if you ever receive a check in the mail that you did not expect, exercise extreme caution. The cards are required for the next assignment. Thank you for the information, you propably saved me some money. Wish more people thought of others like the way you do. But I am sure it will be insufficient funds before cleaning,300 for me and $50 to spend. Glad you found the article helpful Scott, and appreciate the comment. To purchase gift cards. See our affiliate disclosure and privacy policy to learn more. Today I received a check for $2150 with instructions to keep $300 for my pay, $50 for gas and use the rest to purchase Wal-Mart gift cards, text picture of receipt and 16 digit code on back of cards. I reported to the police, they took report and that’s about it. I ignored it because this is not the process legitimate companies use. I received the package today from Intershop Inspired by Tomorrow. I went ahead and deposited the check into my checking account but got to thinking it was just to good to be true so I started researching and came across this article. These thieves know this too and they also know that most people cannot afford to go overseas to follow up on the crime, and some cannot even afford a trip two states over to put them in jail where they belong. I just received a check for $2382 to purchase $900 in itunes gift cards ($100 each card) at 2 different Walmart Stores.. scratch the backs & take photo & then text & email the pic of 16 digit code.. i did deposit the check yesterday but common sense did kick in before i spent the money.. i did contact my bank & report as possible fraud but can u tell me who else i need to report this to?? So they even created a page warning people. Walmart, however, promises the cash immediately. I found the exact ad on craigslist. The letter had the instructions on how to perform the shop and other pertinent details. Instead, you are the target of a vicious scam that could cost you thousands…. I was told I had three options! I received the same type of letter. Walmart removing cashiers from store Walmart is testing a store that will only offer self-checkout. You saved a lot of people from being screwed from what i see and I so appreciate it. The end result is you obtaining $2.5k worth of Walmart gift cards, and keeping $400 for your fee. Thinking it was a legit offering as I have applied to other companies that are in the business I replied that I was. Thompson Drew my guy to e- mail. If you have a cashiers check that is obtained at another location Walmart is able to cash the cashiers check for a nominal fee. This email and an earlier “confirmation” email both arrived within the past week. Sure enough, it is a scam. I guess it would help catch these people out, so it wouldn’t hurt to keep a record of everything and report it. As any mystery shopper would do. The first step is really exercising caution and doing your homework. I figured if anyone would know it was a scam, they would. My instructions: I thought by not responding to their text messages they would stop, but they didn’t. 4. In the case of the Walmart secret shopper scam, these funds are provided for you to purchase various items in-store. For example, if you need a large amount of money in the form of a certified payment —say, $15,000—it's cheaper to get one cashier's check that costs $10 than it would be to have to purchase multiple smaller-denomination money orders at $5 apiece. I first received a text message about if I would be interested in doing a Mystery Shop of Walmart. Scratch off something and take a picture of the code and send it to them. Meanwhile, the scammers have $2.5k worth of valid Walmart cards to do with as they please. I deposited the check and figured I’d wait to make sure the check cleared, not just that funds are available. Blank Walmart Money Order…………….$1750 There are limitations on how you can use a Walmart gift card as oppose to cash. I’ve contacted my bank about what to do with the checks and I’m just waiting for a response. But they are all grounded in cashiers check fraud, so I will briefly explain how this works to give you the heads up. Received such a package today. Up to you really but whatever you do- don’t cash the check. I filled out a report with the Federal Trade Commission, but it’s a shame I can’t upload any of these documents they sent me. Mobile deposit, ATM deposit or bank deposit to withdraw the funds instantly or the next morning. The manager name is Michael collinsworth, Just got one from Walmart 2 Walmart for 2294,00 Not buying into anything on impulse, especially not when it sounds too good to be true. This appears to be the latest trick these scammers are using to steal from people. Step 1) You receive a fake cashiers check for an amount of money normally into the $1,000’s. You will be doing this for 4 weeks until I get back to town so we can formally meet and discuss the possibility of making this arrangement long term if I’m satisfied with your performance. It’s also worth reporting these scams to the relevant authorities, even if you haven’t been burned yet. Thank goodness I didn’t fall for it. I’m taking everything to my bank in the morning and letting them do what they need to do to get to the bottom of it. How long did it take to purchase the cards? THIS MAKES ME SO ANGRY. They said that was ok. Hi Tom, I too received a package today with a postal money order in the amount of $989 and the same instructions regarding purchasing gift cards and sending photos of the front and back of each one via phone messages. Below and also attached is your assignment guideline and commission instruction. However, Walmart is hardly the only store cutting back on cashiers these days. The check watermark, micro print border heat sensitive icon & foil hologram, from First Republic Bank. Very strange. However, yesterday UPS delivered an envelope to my residence with similar documents as described above. A cashier’s check is signed by a bank representative, which is part of guaranteeing the funds for the check are available. When the check bounces and since I will not use any funds, will I get in trouble with my bank? 4. That being said, I thought it would be useful to analyze this scam in more detail. I’m an Interior Decorator & Art collector with a large client base and due to the nature of my job I’m a constant traveler and presently on an exhibition in Turkey, My former Assistant just got married and moved to Canada. Walmart is testing out a new system at a store in Arkansas. You should be awarded for bringing this scam to the people’s attention! I just got a e-mail in my spam he said this job was right for me,what a joke NO WAY,will I respond thank you for all infor. You are welcome April. Then decided to goggle the web. They are very active in using text messages with links. A world without traditional checkout lanes might not be such a farfetched idea anymore. To the trash it went. As you probably guessed by now, none of the checks are real. Below you will see the confirmation email. Seeing as how the bank said it was a real check, deposited it into hubbys account. POLL: Will you be spending Christmas with your family or social distancing? I just received a letter and a cashier’s check in that same amount. Walmart is aware, and have been dealing with these scammers who pose as company reps for years now. Walmart does NOT utilize these services or hire associates to perform services on behalf of other retailers or companies. Went to check cashing place instead. But there’s one checkout area that hasn’t changed in a long time. Then report them to FCC if/when they call or text you. So if you ever receive a check in the mail that you did not expect, exercise extreme caution. Cashiers check fraud begins with some form of advertisement, online or offline. Note “Cashier’s Check” is typed on it – and there are so many red flags that only an idiot would act upon it. Common Uses for Cashier’s Checks . I wish all of you luck. This involves going into a store and engaging with staff members, and can also include purchasing products. Thanks. What To Do If You’re a Victim of Cashier’s Check Fraud If you’re a victim of cashier’s check fraud, it’s essential to report it immediately. AMEN. It was bogus right away. This same excact thing happen to me last week thought it was legit i got a check for $1800.50 and was told to take to my bank but i took it to a check cashing place instead thats how i found out the check was fake why do people do things like this it messes up the legit jobs people are looking for now im very caution about doing on- line work. This site and authors do not offer individual financial, investment, medical or other advice. This Scam continues to this day. Most of all, never deposit checks from a company who claims to be paying you in advance. The top of the letter says Consumer Protections, LLC and has the Walmart Logo on it. I haven’t deposited them thanks to your webpage. I feel miserable and helpless. I’m definitely not going to the bank. There are several variations of this scam, so the way each individual scam works will change. So if you fall for this scam, you will in fact be in trouble with the bank itself, which is a shame and they have both the resources and the right to take you to court to recover those funds. The FTC are fully aware of these types of scam, as are other government agencies within the US and abroad. I didn’t do any of it. I wanted time to research. Which means if the check does not clear, you will have to  pay the money back yourself. I’ve never been a mystery shopper so I didn’t know what to expect. Because the funds are drawn directly against the issuing bank’s cash reserves — not a customer’s personal account — the checks cannot bounce. So they’ll start a new company name/ website/ use new email accounts/ phone numbers addresses/ fake alias’ and change the scam up so it seems different, even though it’s the same. Then today I was instructed to send 970.00 to Ukraine . the letter is what made me think i needed to check and see if this is a scam because it is a very bland letter with absolutely no color well it just looks very unofficial. It all starts when you receive a package in the mail with instructions and a check. I searched it and it’s a VOIP number, probably via Google. $3900 on one. IT IS A FRAUD. Get breaking news alerts in the FOX5NY News app. I have a Ring doorbell, so I will be calling the police and letting them have a look. So now police on lookout! I didn’t see anything mentioned above about the Apple gift cards so I just wanted to bring that one to public attention as well. (Phone camera accepted), Open the pack, remove the label in front of the cards and capture clear image of front and back of each card and email to us, along with Page 2 of this document. This scam is also traveling through text message, just as an FYI, Hello Instead, I took pictures of the items sent, called Center State Bank, and researched Intershop. To be honest I think they probably would be well aware of this scam given the large volume of people these scammers target and have been targeting over the years. Second, the threatening language used in the two pages of instruction. Kindly proceed with the assignment when the check arrives and email us your feedback report upon receipt of completed. Told me to keep 420 and to get 4 $500 gift cards and scratch off back take a picture and email to them. I’d be very surprised if your bank didn’t contact you but unless you wait a month to see if funds are redacted, I wouldn’t touch a penny. You are entitled to a $200 survey bonus on submission of your report within 24 hrs of disbursement of funds to you(confirmation required). Rather, I would be visiting my bank to report fraud. Mystery shopping is a real job and there are real companies out there that employ people to do this. Target was one of the last major chains to incorporate self-scanning … I also received a text message from Intershop affiliate, international shopping store yesterday, telling me to expect a package in the mail. Thought I would comment on here so other could see. Likewise, cashier’s checks have distinguishing security features, such as watermarks, and are often written on special bond paper. A cashier’s check, also known as an official check, is a guaranteed draft for the amount of the check from the issuing bank. To cash a check at Walmart, you don’t need to make a purchase, you don’t need to register with the store, and you don’t need to have a bank account. I do have a question: what should I do with this the items that were mailed to me and will I be getting calls from attorneys in the not so distant future for not responding to these scammers? I received the same check and instructions in the mail, actually 2 in 1 day, 1 to buy walmart gift cards the other was to buy apple gift cards. I got exactly the same thing today. Is there anything else we could do or should have done. Walmart may opt to expand its cashier-less checkout to other stores depending on customer feedback and whether or not such a setup helps … I have unfortunately fall victim to this scam. In any case, once you receive the cashiers check in the mail, you are asked to withdraw/ use the funds for one purpose or another. From my experience, Mystery Shops do not provide money upfront to anyone to pay for the cost of the shop. All I have to say is that I was born in the afternoon, but it wasn’t yesterday afternoon. Now I know it’s a scam, I’m not going to participate in this scam, because, I don’t want to do it and he in trouble!!! I got one too, but seemed fishy so I looked them up and found this article, and I’m glad I didn’t even go to the bank. Please let me know how I can help you catch these people and stop this scam. From a FINN BARLEY have anyone elses received one, My wife received one for sending money gram transfers to 2 different people located in Tx. That is not an image we can see since it is a file that is local to your computer. AND HANG IT IN THE BATHROOM NEXT TO THE TP ROLLER. RELATED:  WALMART ANNOUNCES STORES WILL BE CLOSED ON THANKSGIVING. Then he’ll tell me to cash it, keep an extra $200 “for my troubles” and send him the remaining $800. Cheers, By using this form you agree with the storage and handling of your data by this site, as set out in our privacy policy. They have the authority to cross state lines to catch them. The person gave their name as Cindy Luke in text messages, and the bogus cashier’s check is signed Joan Hedges. Today an envelope arrived with a cover letter and a Cashiers Check. while performing a job search online i found a job as a secret surveyor for walmart i applied and sure enough i got a text message today saying that they sent out my kit and to let them know when i received it. Cashier’s check fraud is rampant and it is by no means limited to Walmart secret shopping scams. Which I am! Evaluate the quality of customer service delivery, condition and arrangement of cards at the store and fill out your observation in the Feedback Section below (Page 2). Money orders are available in several places, including the U.S. We don’t plan on withdrawing any funds so we won’t be on the hook. It will be greatly appreciated . I just recieved the packet the check and to do a Walmart 2 Walmart transfer . The funds from these checks can often be withdrawn within a day, yes. I received the same package. Which often results in a substantial net loss, and in some cases, criminal charges for bank fraud. Should they notify Walmart so they won’t get in trouble. You’re welcome Kathleen, glad you found this article helpful and thank you for commenting. Called Navy Federal Credit Union and there is no such account. I just received a check sent as Priority mail to be a secret shopper for Walmart! Was on the way to the bank to deposit the check when I saw your post. Without a doubt this is a scam and you are smart for not following their instructions. You must go inside the establishment and receive assistance from a teller. Andy Stacey This catches many people off guard at this point. So glad i looked into it and found it is a scam. I received a fed express envelope for INTELLI MYSTERY SHOPPER with a money order and instructions to buy I tune cards scratch off front and back photo them and send back via cell phone. I LITERALLY have the check sitting on my night stand. They wanted me to purchase four $500.00 gift cards! Fed x delivers packet which by the way was not fed x it was old van with fed x sticker on side. Clint. B S!!!!! Step 4) The check is fake, so it bounces, and you are stuck paying back all the money to the bank. These people need to spend time getting a real job. I would also always report this stuff to the FTC. Basically he’ll send me a check (I think he was offering $600 a week to “run errands” which he said was dropping things off at the post office…) for the expenses and, if im correct, it will be over the amount, so instead of $600, he’ll “accidentally” send $1600. The evaluation can be done at any nearby Walmart and many other grocery, drug, and convenience stores with Walmart Gift cards. 6. With that being said, everything helps so I guess any new evidence could be helpful to law enforcement in catching these guys. Great! also the paper signed by Jeff Cummings… Can you help me??? They’re threatening getting the authorities involved because my ignoring them is “unlawful.” So funny! But that’s not all. Thanks for sharing. I have worked as a mystery shopper before and thought it was legitimate for a while. I was to scratch off the pin numbers on back of card and take picture and send back to them. I got suspicious when they asked me to obtain gift cards because I have heard of crooks with gift card scams. Was going to deposit and leave there what do you think. I will need you to take charge of my mail pick-ups and drop-offs and all other things will be relayed to you step by step. It takes upwards of 2-3weeks for a check to reach its actual bank, per se. One they don’t do that two they don’t do that. Third party companies, or the company itself, hire mystery shoppers to ‘act’ like a real customer. And always do your due diligence. That number is often missing on a fake check or is fake itself. Certain check-cashing businesses, as well as many Walmart stores, can cash a cashier’s check for you, but they will likely charge a fee. A mystery shopper (AKA secret shopper) is a legitimate gig in and of itself. Received a text from Intershop yesterday, (317) 210-0645, telling me to expect a package in the mail. You’ll need to go to your bank or credit union to purchase a cashier’s check. I could cash or deposit the check. Because everything seems official and you can withdraw the money they sent you. Walmart does not hire mystery shoppers and they clearly state this on their website…. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Of course I will not be doing this.I feel like crying.The I called and notified state police. A government-issued ID, such as a driver’s license or passport 2. Purchase 7 WALMART GIFT CARDS or WALMART VISA GIFT CARDS at store. Notifying the appropriate authorities. 1: Proceed to your bank or credit union to have the check deposited. Exactly how the scammers benefit from this process, really depends on the individual scam itself as I will now explain. Is there no internet security to screen the posts? I got a cashier’s check for $2,480, was told to deposit it into my account, keep $350 for myself, buy a cashier’s check for American Medical Corp for $20 and send a picture of it back, then go to two Walmart stores and buy two $400 gift cards and a $200 gift card at each. However, I took it to post office, WalMart and bank and reported to FTC – giving them all the names that you are supposed to send money to – can’t hurt – I also called the “text” number for Rick Walter and swore at him. What’s frustrating is that no one seems interested in catching these criminals. I discovered this particular scheme by reading the complaints on Consumer Affairs and a news report on I just received the same information but the webpage was too plain looking. Definitely a scam!!! Luckily I’ve heard about various types of scams asking you to purchase gift cards and them providing you with funds in which to do this. this week. To get a cashier’s check, you’ll need: 1. I have reported this to local law enforcement. According to the retailer, in an attempt to speed up the checkout process, the store won’t have cashiers, but self-checkout hosts at the front, whose role will be to help customers and even check their groceries if they prefer it. file:///C:/Users/maria/Pictures/img005.pdf#page=1 is this a scam. I am also going to take a picture of the letter and the check and post on Facebook for friends and family. She was to report on conduct of the employees and how they handled different situations. It’s written in the bank’s name and is typically signed by a teller. This truly upsets me because most respondents are the elderly. Tomorrow I am to go and purchase a 50.00 and 25.00 I tunes cards. The mystery shopper documents his or her experience and is paid for their work. I almost victimized of $1690 but, thanks to my sister I asked my sister about it find out it was pure scam. A cashier’s check is a type of check issued by a bank or credit union and signed by a cashier or teller. Really need the money but it sound to good to be true. (Phone camera accepted). That name was Jeff Cummings and the email is Because of their relative security, cashier’s checks are typically used for high-dollar transactions and payments between people (or businesses) that don't know each other. Mostly because you are not sending any money to anyone. Thanks for sharing this. Whatever funds are left over from your purchases, and your fee for doing the work, you then wire to the scammers using Money Gram. You can however, check with the FBI and see if they can do something. Thanks for sharing this information, because I apply on line and just received a $2350, Ck drawn on Investsr Bank, in which it’s a legitimate Ck. Most law enforcement can not help you if the crime is committed out of your city or state etc. Just like I stated i’ll be offering $600 weekly in pay and will cover gas and other expenses separately, If you accept this offer please reply with the following details: FULL NAME, RESIDENTIAL CONTACT ADDRESS, APT #, ZIP CODE, PHONE NUMBER, AGE AND CURRENT OCCUPATION AND AVAILABLE HOURS, I’ll be needing this asap if we agree on the same terms so we can get started with the errands needed. "This doesn't look like a real check to me, there's no watermark," explained Beatty. I came home and started investigating further and found you. The job is flexible so you can do it wherever you are as long as you are reaching the post office, You get paid once we begin work and more details will be giving from time to time. I just checked that link and it’s literally the website for a local US painting contractor? Probably the same people running them and mixed up what they were supposed to send me. But there’s a different version that is equally dubious, yet arguably more believable. "A cashier's … I just received a check for $2,420 the bank on the check is LINCONE Federal Credit union to cash or deposit it into my account. In some cases you simply get the letter/ package sent to you as pat of a mass SPAM attempt. The only reply I made was that I was “Available”. But the check does not officially clear for days or in some cases over a week. How Do I Find Check-Cashing Services Near Me? Suspicious Communication – WALMART MONEY ORDER TRANSACTION ASSIGNMENT. It did look very legit at glance but looking more into it made no sense with discrepancies along the way. I received one of these today. Hey Dot, wow that’s a lot of times to get one of these checks and love your approach lol. So, this is a scam. That’s exactly what the company is testing at a store in Arkansas, KNWA reported. This is the email I received: Smh this is just as bad as the so called lawyers that call and try to scare money out of people. I could tell 1 reason why Walmart enjoys to use teens is on account of the electricity and excitement that … This eliminates the need of posting you checks for other upcoming assignments. Attachments8:33 AM (5 hours ago) Roles it up there it away being I love captains daughter I knew it was B S ! From there, you’re stuck paying the bank back for the entire amount of the fake check that bounced. Glad I did.I guess this is a scam. Answers to your questions about the incoming 46th President of the United States, Deputies fatally shoot 91-year-old homeowner while responding to report of attempted break-in, Harvard students want to revoke Trump supporters' diplomas, NYPD to help vaccinate residents of public housing, Exodus from NYC squeezing surrounding housing markets. Hi Margit. This statement alone is enough to expose this scam right here. Weird. It had a Cashier’s Check in the amount of $2,625 and a letter telling me to spend up to $100 shopping at Walmart, keep $500 for myself and buy 4 $500 Walmart gift cards. Would you go to a Walmart that didn’t have cashiers? 5. I to got a package sent FedEx. First, they included the Walmart logo on the documents. It was for a Walmart assignment and included a check in the amount of $3500, instructions to text 954-314-2147 upon receipt, purchase three (3) money orders for $1000 each and keep $500 as payment for the assignment. We trust you are doing great and had a wonderful weekend. Told to take out 250 for commission and 37 for transaction fee. Hopefully your comment helps others avoid this scam too. Knowing it had to be a scam I researched and found this article. Instead of cashiers, there will be self-checkout hosts at the front of the store to assist customers, or even to check out customer’s groceries if they prefer it []. A cashier’s check is a specialized form of check that often requires special handling, which is not available at Walmart. It’s also worth reporting these scams to the relevant authorities, even … You can go to the FBI site and search for information on secret shoppers and other scams. Thank you for posting your article!!! The interesting thing was the letterhead was from a legitimate Marketing Research Company “Forrester Research” which has a local office in the DFW area but the business’s main office is in Cambridge MA. In other words, the person or business that purchased the check has already paid the bank. if it squeaks like a rat, it’s a rat! I feel sick right now. Where or when would I report this to? I also received a cashiers check from Intershop, stating to deposit check, wait till clears, take $500 out for my commision, go to 2 different Walmart stores buy 4 $500 gift cards, scratch off back of cards to send images of cards, spend $100 myself, I thought it was real, deposited check at bank, did not take money out or go to Walmart, Ill have to notify my bank that it is fake, who should I call, local police dept? The payee's name should already be printed on a cashier’s check (this is done at the bank by a teller). Honestly, it’s not very smart to send someone money and at the same time ask them to convert the money into money orders and mail to other recipients and then use threats if you don’t comply. The internet is a wonderful place to learn how to build a business and/ or create an extra income, but it’s full of scams at the same time. I like the previous commenter’s suggestion- give this stuff to your bank. Meanwhile, the scammers profit handsomely at your expense. I just received a check from VyStar Credit Union. Thank goodness for Google. Once a cashier's check is issued, the bank is responsible for it, and most banks are reluctant to hand out blank checks. They say you are sending them the photos as ‘proof’ you purchased the cards. Walmart is testing an automated store without cashiers, similar to the Amazon Go store concept. Walmart hopes to achieve a larger profit margin by letting cashiers go . You have been sent your cashiers check of $2,550.00 You are to deduct: Assignment Salary …………………..$350 The check they sent appeared to have been a Wells Fargo check and looked authentic!!! (The cards are available at Walmart Stores and also many other stores). Anyways, thanks for commenting and all the best going forward. I followed the instructions to the tee and now I owe the bank $3000. The majority of these mystery shopping scams are based on cashiers check fraud. Cashiers stationed at conveyor-belted lanes have been a retail staple for decades. 3: Proceed to nearest store with Walmart Gift Cards. Hope you enjoyed the article! I would go personally contact your local police and see what they say, or do nothing and throw it out. So in this way it’s virtually impossible to stop. Glad I could help Robert, and thanks for sharing. I guess it’s the same as the offline world in that respect, there’s no shortage of people who would rather rip others off rather than create an honest living. *. Why? just text on paper.. the letter.. pretty much like the article says. It happens all the time, I received a package with a check in it for $2630 and they had exactly what this site talked about, I knew right away that it was a scam and am going to report it to the BBB so some other person doesn’t get ripped off, why can’t these people get a ligit job and stop scamming the poor hard working stiff.

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