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how to help someone with bipolar disorder who refuses help


But what do you do if you’re a loved one of a person with bipolar (or another mental illness) who is refusing treatment? Threats of violence, cutting off my genitals and knocking out my teeth. Well, then you might want to remind them of what the problems are and what treatment can do. I made a mistake, but i made the mistake because of you or what you said. I simply can't seek or accept "treatment." My adopted daughter is 19 and living many states away. When we first met things were very rocky. We married in July of this year and found out we were expecting just in mid august. On a separate occasion, there was a mix up with his doctor's appointment...he showed up and they had moved across town without notifying him. They are both themselves careless and forgetful, and when anything goes wrong they have to point the finger at someone, i.e. So sorry you're going through this cause I know exactly how hard it is. I'm so sorry you're in that situation. However, I find it very hard to show my love to a person that treats me so bad because of his illness. But what do you do when your hungry. Okay, but what if you’ve done all that and the person still refuses treatment? Listen and observe. Let your friend or family member know that youre there if they need a sympathetic ear, encouragement, or assistance with treatment. He also had 2 marriages himself end where he was cheated on.He will leave our hope for awhile when he reaches a full blown episode of up/down cycling.He goes stays with family member.last time he came back in just a few days.He has left 7 days ago now and staying with his aunt.he want communicate with me at all.He has promised our daughter everday he will come get her and do something with her.he makes excuses 2 her why he can't.Meanwhile he is telling her how i controlled him,how terrible wife mom.I must have blocked him from calling because he could not get thru and other lies and he believes them.He is paranoid thinks i am badmouthing him,messing with his personal bank acct.He is saying bad things to his mom others who know he is bipolar but because he knows how to control his rage and irrational behavoir he tells them its stress from my family and me and he is fine,he is on his meds, he is not in a episode and convinces them,authorities and doctors.Most people other than my mom and his mom have not seen his episodes r irrational behavoir r thinking.we both r christians we met at the church i grew up in.He becomes extremely religious wanting to preach to people more than anyone should,then he cusses me.My husband in his normal state of mind is a good loving godly person,laid back,takes alot to trigger him to behave badly.He allowed people to run him over for most of his life.He is a good loving husband,step dad&dad.He is very protective of his chidren and me.He has a small landscaping /maintance business he does by himself.He loves anything to do with landscaping.He is someone idk right now in his mania mostly and depressive episode.He is lying and accusing,overdrafted his acct by writing bad checks,driving alot,staying up all night and day,crying,just a lot of mixed episoding.He does not believe there is anything is wrong with him leaving his wife and daughter who he is very close to and she is a daddys girl.He will call her want text r call me.He hates me and turns on me everytime he has had a episode.He will not go to crises until he comes down to extremely lows.once he comes down gets to hospital he will cry,apologize,love me,touch me.He will b very sorry for all he done and said to me.He had some symptoms i did not see r i would have got him to talk to dr b4 his full blown mania.Can his meds stop working? I can't see my grandchild. If they are finding it hard to function, offer to assist them to get treatment. Im sorry your unable to see your grandchild but maybe just maybe for now its for the best. My recently ex girlfriend is bipolar. My young bro has a mental problem but has refused to take the medicine in order,he says theys a pill that is strong on him and makes him to sleep alot'so am planning to put this pill in his tea so that the meducation will be taken in full order at the end.pliz help me and advise me on my plan dear. Two weeks later I noticed things were off with him. Posters with my picture and phone number and a littany of derogatory acccusations about what a horrible person I am. My dads health is being affected by this. You may feel frustrated around a person with bipolar disorder who is having a manic episode. My sisters have taken the easy road out , threw there hands up , fed up, and gave up. The clinics, hospitals, courts, police, doctors and nurses are here for a reason. I have a mentally ill adult son that refuses treatment and I feel uncomfortable with him living with me. (I have no affiliation with this book and nor does HealthyPlace): https://www.amazon.com/You-Need-Help-Step-Step/dp/1616491485/ref=sr_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&q… . If the person who has been well has warning signs of illness but refuses treatment: 4. If the fear is lack of trust or faith in medical treatment, this is understandable too. My friend has Maniac Bi-Polar, she`s married and has a one year old son. -refuse to respect space (lies and says they were unable to reach me when they easily could have, looks up and calls spouses dad, calls DWP to get our address, shows up unannounced, waits to be let in by a delivery person, won't leave when asked) Doctors absolutely can be scary but what a patient really needs is someone on his side so that he doesn’t feel “out-gunned” by someone in a position of authority. Some people wrongfully label people with bipolar disorder as “crazy,” and my mom certainly isn’t that. APA ReferenceTracy, N. My mom was diagnosed with bipolar shortly after my parents were married. I think finalizing her breakup and moving on with someone else is the best therapy she can get. Rages, bad temperment, alcohol, not working, not helping with household duties. She simply refuses to believe that she has Psychosis and doesn’t take medications. When she gets sick it will last months, and is so much more severe than before cancer. It's just terrible. We tried to get him help, but he was sent back home, and it made things worse. We are the only ones who don't understand her needs but the truth is, because we know her so well she senses our lack of conviction that she is better and handling things. It may be tempting to simply clean up for the hoarder. It feels completely necessary as i am at my wits end. Everyone hates her. My little brother was and still is the golden.one! Even if your partner refuses help, this book may help you understand him or her. He asked my sister and I to come home for Labor Day to try and convince her to start taking them. I went with my mother to a NAMI meeting, for those who have a loved one with issues. No reason to agree with someone whose comments defy reality. My wife had undergone bariatric surgery and wanted to loose weight so she started a keto diet that helped her loose more weight in less days.. till today she has lost around 75 kilos . It feels like my whole family is disintegrating right before my eyes. You can help by researching doctors in the area and finding the best one. I work full time and have health issues. It felt like betrayal. My brother is bipolar and he has run out of people to alienate and the same thing is happening to my daughter. It made sense financially for us (boyfriend, dog, and myself) and for them. What none of the 3 staff that were talking to me told me was that they would force me out if I didn't leave, which makes a lot more sense than grabbing me by surprise. She has started to take alcohol from her family in secrecy and then becomes combatant when faced with the facts. He says nothing is wrong with him and that I'm just making things up. I married him knowing he had a dual diagnosis of bipolar disorder with severe depression and addiction. And also I'll even go as far as saying spilt personality disorder! Hi natasha. I would recommend trying to educate him about his illness and the importance of treatment and hope that knowledge convinces him to take his own treatment. Bipolar crises include times when the person becomes severely depressed or manic, unable to function or to look after themselves or others, or at high risk of suicide or other negative consequences.Helpful ways to deal with a crisis include to: Get help! I am not comfortable having my wife over. My daughter doesn't want any help. I've told him I've noticed some changes in him and I'm concerned. It's like I'm walking on eggshells whenever I try to talk to him. She is also delusional and sees conspiracy's all around her. You can help by researching what will happen in the appointment ahead of time. Caring for someone with bipolar disorder can be very hard, whether you’re a partner, parent, child, or friend of someone who has this condition. Depression has always been a problem for myself and apparently at least two of my five grown children. A minor disagreement over whether to go camping before summer ended, the night ended up with her wandering downtown, high on crystal meth, and having lost her ID and purse, and in jail. She won't take her meds. What can I do? Be an active listener. I see this as a beginning of more serious dysfunction. Retrieved Ever since, she has had a stigma against doctors and medicines. I was slammed to the ground, I bled from my forehead. Thanks for sharing Lorraine. We get to make choices and then live with the ramifications thereof, even if our loved ones disagree. Yes very bad what if that was u you shouldnt hav kids u made them your resonseability. It doesn't matter what I do I can't win. Encouraging the person to get help. Jekly and heyde oh im so sorry than starts it all over again the next episode. I feel like my family is falling apart. . That's unfortunate but true. He is verbally abusive, especially to our mother, makes threats, and destroys the house. I'm sorry I can't give you more specific recommendations, but I hope those resources help. Please pray for me. If the person refuses to treat their bipolar disorder, listen and observe to try and understand why they refuse. Thanks And my bday is April 13th, on the 12th I tried to commit suicide, cuz after a day of my mother telling me I'm worthless, I'm a, waste of space, telling me to get outta her house! Trust is also important once treatment for bipolar disorder starts. Just a few months ago she (in her right mind) stopped taking her meds. He does not have any close friends or is not even socially active. He is also abusive verbally toward me. I hope sharing my story will at least help you feel not so down and alone. He does not concede to getting married or socialise. My elder brother sachin age 32 showed first visible symptoms of psychosis in Apr 2015. It's got so bad that I can't visit my grandson anymore. These were five little babies at one time whom i loved and adored more than anything, but have now turned into five emotionally unavailable adults i am beginning to (at least) emotionally distance myself from. Its important for people with bipolar disorder to understand how to cope with their condition. I have kept it in for a long time and my closest family and friends do not know the extent of what im going through. He became violent and starting sermonising like a godmen. My I am pretty close with my moms 2 sisters, however they don't really want to or know how to help, also her side of the family has a mental illness background. Would I be a bad mother to put him out on the street? But I am crazy. When her drinking was excessive I carried her to bed at times 4-6 nights a week to ensure she made it to work and didn't wake up on the kitchen floor passed out. I feel like a terrible mom, but what are you supposed to do? This is s real problem. Thinks she's forgetting. She blames everything on my dad. We’re adults. My mother is an absolute nut! I talked to my psychiatrist about this and he already talked to my family about it and they acted as if I'm lying to them. You can help by facilitating and going to the appointment. I am ( well, not me personally) the devil, and the evil forces, I choose to be clung to. Clopixol acuphase 50 Hi, I need help with advice, please. That was deliberate and took some thought. here. I have been dealing an dragged thru this saga with my mentally ill/unstable mother and brother for too long, and I need help. And she knows I can't leave here cuz I have a felony record from about 10 yrs ago that needs to be expunged but I don't have the right amount of time in and she knows this and uses this to her advantage! My best friend, the love of my life, and the father of my son is changing right in front of me and I'm completely helpless to stop it. treatment might help to reduce symptoms the person finds unpleasant, make it easier for them to achieve a valued goal, or prevent negative consequences). She gives great information for loving someone with bipolar disorder. When facing the front of dryer, in addition to all the damage done to the bottom half, there is now a dent in the top of the left door & the door on the right is uneven, about 1/2 inch below the other door.

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