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living in new haven ct reddit


Climate of Conncticut: - 8/5/2016 Lived in New Haven on the Connecticut coast (Long Island Sound) for 5 years in College. Btw when I was moving to Birmingham, I went to reddit for help also and was recommended the neighborhood I live in now. If you walk one street in the wrong direction you're in the hood. The apartments range from Alcove style studios to one bedroom, two bedroom and three bedrooms. Housing is a major expense for renters and homeowners alike. Here’s a really good link which I found simply by googling “Living in New Haven CT.” https: ... I’m aware. The national median home value is $ 231,815. That sounds fun actually. Yeah, the politicians are dumb. A single person costs: $2,325 per month. Job Details Company Overview. The standards for behavior are just lower, and people are uptight and not friendly compared to the South. Approximately 27% of New Haven homes are owned, compared to 62% rented, while 11% are vacant. Location: New Haven, CT. 1,033 posts, read 3,631,508 times Reputation: 909. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, Press J to jump to the feed. I know what the FL lifestyle is, and it's not here. Everything closes by 8pm and you might have a hard time meeting people to hang out with. A city of contrasts, New Haven is a mix of colonial history, Ivy League college town, and past-its-prime industrial center. As the years go one, crime is being reduced, and more stores/establishments geared toward the middle class spring up. I'm convinced most of the people who think New Haven is unsafe haven't actually lived in an area with mixed ethnicity. Seriously! Spoiler: Birmingham has more crime. Hamden is nice too. I mean even in Connecticut, have the people denigrating New Haven ever seen Bridgeport, Hartford, Waterbury and New London? Cost of renting or owning a home is higher within the city vs. an outer suburb like Branford or North Haven due to tax rates. -- and some outstanding options for theater. Out of the total city population, 52.7% are female and 47.3% are male. For example, New Haven has Yale and a decent nightlife scene. The first planned city in the American Colonies, New Haven … We are seeking caring and compassionate CNAs! (Cost of living; public transportation; driving/commute/traffic; shopping, places to go/things to do - attractions, malls, museusm, etc; safety and feel of the area; restuarants, places to eat; utilities; owning/renting a home; weather; etc). Do you prefer living in the city or suburbs? Yet housing costs are lower than the national cost, and the cost of living remains fairly consistent with the rest of Connecticut. 10. There is no good customer service here, workers hate their lives and will let you know it. Don't go to Newhallville. January 14, 2021. We will be renting for the first year so good apartment suggestions are also welcome. The average cost of assisted living in New Haven County is $3,969 per month. As a CNA, your primary focus will be to provide nursing care to our residents in a home like setting. Cost of Housing. We moved here from a really safe neighborhood in Queens and live on the outskirts of Wooster Square. It's a very historical city with a weird mix of Colonial New England and New York. Lived here my whole life. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. This is probably the most I’ve written about this in a while. You could look at the Milford Beach Apartments - older, a little dumpy, but free utilities and a private beach! edit subscriptions. ALL that said, I actually like New Haven. I would appreciate some insight on what it’s like to live in New Haven. The Jungle). FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE. New Haven, Connecticut’s cost of living is 23% higher than the national average. A lot. I second all the positive comments and suggestions of neighborhoods, especially Wooster Square, East Rock, and Westville. United Way calculates the minimum a family of four needs to survive in different metro areas (incl. There were just more restaurants and more things to do. The median home value in New Haven, CT is $239,950 . childcare). The above extends to driving. Pretty much all that. My wife’s accepted a job in New Haven, and we’re trying to prepare as we begin looking for a place to live and so on. Great Wolf Lodge Charlotte/Concord Concord, NC • 120 mi 5033 Ratings $281 From . On the down side, New Haven remains a troubled city with a yawning income gap. As some other people haven mentioned, New Haven is pretty bike-friendly. You will learn these divisions. It's also expensive to buy a home, and property taxes in New Haven specifically are astronomical. So it's always an option to go to the big city for a night out or shopping expedition. It's equivalent to a mediocre Sweetbay. I, on the other hand, like to be able to walk down the street without being harassed, worrying about being robbed, and stabbed, etc. Driving here feels like driving in an obstacle course compared to driving in Tampa. We have been holding out hope for something to come up in Westville, but are starting to look farther out at this point. Lots of restaurants, bars and cultural things and events(The Arts and Ideas festival actually begins in a few days) Terrible driving in downtown, especially once the snow hits. Great Wolf Lodge near Charlotte 840+ bought Trending. By that I mean gentrified. Crime remains a problem, although it's nothing like it was a few decades ago. I honestly felt like when I was living in New Haven I was less than 5 minutes away from any type of food / drink / nightlife I wanted. There are also two great art galleries (Yale Art Gallery is a real treasure) and a natural history museum. There are a lot of homeless people compared to most places in FL, and they are loud. Rental apartments are also fewer in number and lower in charm., 21 Senior Living communities in New Haven, CT | 19 nearby communities . However, ignoring them usually works and they won't pursue you. 2- You're objectively wrong, here are some stats comparing Birmingham to New Haven. To help you with your search, browse the 143 reviews below for assisted living facilities in New Haven County. Been living in and around New Haven most of my life. On average, consumers rate senior living in New Haven County 4.0 out of 5 stars. New Haven (probably) has the best pizza on earth. To help you set a budget, we’ve put together the cost of living in New Haven. Since I am from Florida, as are you, and I have recently moved to New Haven, I think I have a better perspective than those who have lived here their whole life and haven't had anything different. There's a decent regional bus system, and commuter rail service to New York City (not cheap). Live outside of new haven and drive in. If you’re into nerd shit, come hang out at Elm City Games. This overall tax profile can definitely impact your cost of living in New Haven, CT. I have been invited to apply for a prestigious fellowship at Yale University in New Haven. To help you with your search, browse the 50 reviews below for independent living communities in New Haven County. I guess if you're form Miami it will be fine, but to me, from FL, I have serious anxiety when driving here. Gas is expensive, and electricity prices are among the highest in the nation. Would commutes to these areas be reasonable in rush hour? Create Job Alert. There is a ton of stuff going on, and LOTS of people are always new to the city so finding your tribe(s) isn’t that hard if you make a little effort. Btw when I was moving to Birmingham, I went to reddit for help also and was recommended the neighborhood I live in now. New York, Chicago, even Italy, have nothing on New Haven “apizza.” Baked in a coal oven, apizza usually has very, very thin crust and comes served on wax paper. But, beers. A plate of mexican food will be 14 bucks, as compared to the 11 for a same portion/quality in FL for example. Food is never fresh, stores are dirty. Wasn’t suggesting any of what you’re accusing me of. I’m not going to lie to you and say that I’ve jet-setted to every corner of the globe. "Oh, the best Stop & Shop is an Hamden". Cookies help us deliver our Services. An amount below 100 means New Haven is cheaper than the US average. Working downtown but wouldn’t mind a ~20 minute commute. I’ve particularly liked both Wallingford and Milford. I lived in Stamford and New Haven when i was in my 20's and can say that ignoring Stamford's proximity to NYC, I enjoyed living in New Haven much more. There is actually a lot of good food here, and cultural things to do in the aforementioned 'good areas'. ... a sweet and playful Shiba Inu puppy. Parking on the side of the street everywhere. Hey everyone, as the title says, my husband and I moving to New Haven for work. Also very liberal, in fact 30 out of 30 alders on the Board of Alders are Democrats(there is also a lot of Alders for a city this size). Avoid the Hill by the train station (i.e. NEW. As a rule, if you have very basic street smarts, you'll be fine. The average cost of senior living in New Haven County is $3,945 per month. Rental prices are also high, although there's been a lot of development of new rental units in the last few years, so maybe that will help moderate rents. It's also expensive to buy a home, and property taxes in New Haven specifically are astronomical. A single traveler costs: $2,976 per month. Most people here have described it well for what it is. In New Haven, 10.3% do not have health insurance, 25.6% live in poverty, 4.4% are widowed, and 10.4% have some form of disability. New Haven has a population density of 6,977 people per square mile. The median income in New Haven, CT is $50,587 and the median home value is $150,000. I feel safer in New Haven than I felt in Queens and I felt damn safe in Queens, only heard about bar fights ending in stabbings - never actually saw them :). Some expenses in New Haven, including transportation, health care and utilities, are higher than the national average. Consider going north on 95 and living maybe Guilford, or off the Parkway in Hamden, Orange Ct, some nice places there with good resale. Cost of living is generally high in Connecticut, although salaries tend to be more generous than other parts of the country. A cost of living index above 100 means New Haven, Connecticut is more expensive. Some of the fan favorites include Sally’s and Pepe’s. popular-all-random-users | news-AskReddit-funny-pics ... Get an ad-free experience with special benefits, and directly support Reddit. This is higher than the national median of $3,500. Of the 3 most dangerous cities in the state, (Hartford, New Haven, and Bridgeport), it's the last one I'd move to. What's the cost of living in New Haven, CT? Red lights are suggestions. East Rock, Wooster Square, Prospect Hill and Westville are generally considered the nice parts of the city to rent apartments. Get similar jobs sent to your email. Yale is good Hospital to work. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. I’ll check it out! There is garbage and litter absolutely everywhere. Cheaper nearby regions include Middlesex County with an average starting cost of $3,450. The average price of homes sold in New Haven, CT is $ 239,950. But I'll add my little bit. We are looking for an area with its own community, walkable to restaurants/cafes. That's it. Thanks for the suggestions! The problem isn't that it's more dangerous than New Haven or Hartford by crime stats, but that it doesn't have the same redeeming qualities. A family costs: $6,167 per month. The best places to be are Westville, East Rock, Wooster, Yale area, and most of Downtown. i'm so tired of people acting like new haven is baghdad. Can someone tell me of good areas within 30 minute proximity of New Haven downtown area? Potholes. That sounds wonderful. As a center for business and a mecca for the arts, New Haven is recognized as a city of innovation, culture and prosperity. (I say this unsnarkily, just to point out there is a ton of good info out there you are unlikely to get in this thread alone.). I'd stay out of New Haven. The Cost of Living in New Haven is average. Save. Motorcyle/scooter gangs when the weather is nice. Thanks! It's size makes it large enough to offer interesting stuff without being overwhelming (to some) like NYC. “Comedy is a way to tell the truth, solve a problem and sell the material with a feeling,” says Connecticut comedian Christine O’Leary. Look for luxury apartments in city centers or popular neighborhoods with swimming pools, … This is higher than the national median of $2,494.Cheaper nearby regions include Hartford County with an average starting cost of $3,290. Benchmark Senior Living New Haven, CT Full-Time. This is higher than the county median home value of $ 205,000. Yeah, I agree that that the "ghetto and run down" reputation of New Haven is overhyped. You could do The Renaissance in Shelton and commute into NH via Route 8 and Route 34. Whitney Center is nestled in a quiet park-like setting, but conveniently located near the urban center of New Haven. World's best pizza, a fantastic little mountain that juts out of the city to provide a fantastic park and view(East Rock park), and a giant downtown green that has thousands of bodies from the 18th century still buried under it(strange but true fact). 54% OFF. You're also close to some pretty good beaches and some lovely state parks, if you need a change of pace. Renting in New Haven isn’t cheap- in fact, it is one of the worst markets to be a renter with very high demand, low vacancy rates, and soaring prices. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. I’ve clearly stated I’ve never been in New Haven, but have heard stuff from other people, and I can’t control the opinions of others. Almost all the museums in NH are free, there's a ton of great restaurants and bars, and the surrounding towns have great recreational activities like beaches and hiking areas. West Haven - depends on the area. It’s not dangerous if you know anything about living in a city. There's an Ikea nearby, and shopping malls in the suburbs. Milford, Guilford, Madison, and Branford are good places to look at. I like it here too. Cost of living is generally high in Connecticut, although salaries tend to be more generous than other parts of the country. The average cost of independent living in New Haven County is $3,290 per month. New Haven has been home to Yale University for nearly three centuries. But there will be a ton of ambulances rushing each day, police cars flying, etc. There's also a new bike share program, which I haven't used. To get a more balanced perspective on living in the area, though, you really need to do more research than reading the comments here., Agree with other posters; moving to the downtown, East Rock, or Wooster Sq neighborhoods will put you in close commuting distance and offer maximum opportunities for biking, restaurants, and cultural activities. Compare cost of living in New Haven with factors like salaries, housing expenses, groceries, utilities and more. So there's that. What about cost of living in New Haven, CT? New Haven is a coastal city in the U.S. state of Connecticut.It is located on New Haven Harbor on the northern shore of Long Island Sound in New Haven County, Connecticut, and is part of the New York metropolitan area.With a population of 129,779 as determined by the 2010 United States Census, it is the second-largest city in Connecticut after Bridgeport. Living in New Haven, CT. New Haven, Connecticut is a mid-sized city with a population of 130,405 people. You can't miss a turn and say "oh, I'll take the next left" because one left goes northeast and the other one goes southeast and they never meet the same road. Other than, you'll get used to it over time. I work by the Medical school, which is near the Hill neighborhood, which is pretty notorious for this. I love it here :). Coffee costs: $3.83. Our cost of living indices are based on a US average of 100. In New Haven, 3.5% of the people are veterans. Short answer is that New Haven is rad. New Haven is known to be an ethnically diverse city. As a long time resident, I’ve upvoted the positive comments here and completely agree. In no particular order from a 10 yr resident: Relatively cheep rent depending on the area, (we’ll see how long that lasts with Tony Harp gentrifying everything...) amazing pizza, standard ct weather and seasons, fun nightlife, live music, very few sketchy areas, lotsa bums, lotsa Yalies, oh and 2 bad ass symphony halls (Wolsey and Sprague hall) and a national concert venue called College St Music Hall. Every Connecticuter Knows The Best Apizza In The World Is In New Haven. It's absolutely beautiful when it snows and you should try to walk down Hillhouse Ave at least once (Mark Twain called it the most beautiful street in America). I've heard some horror stories about the area (ghetto and run down, rough neighborhoods). All-American Waste withdraws applications for a controversial waste transfer plant. The home of Yale University, New Haven is full of historic charm, cultural venues and many shops and restaurants. New Haven cost of living is 102.2 Just as a yardstick. Sure. I have not tasted every pizza but as far as general consensus goes New Haven is tops. Customers will be charged if they go over 1.2TB , but deceptively, these fees are waived until March 2021 (I presume so no one catches the policy change until months into effect). I do understand I’m on Reddit and fully expect the replies to be as such....but i do appreciate any genuine replies! There is one person on Columbus who screams at cars everday wandering through traffic. It's unbelievable that nobody says anything about this. There’s no reason to go off and show me crime statistics of Birmingham. Just be warned -- they don't hate you, they hate themselves. Breakdown of prices in New Haven, United States for housing, food, transportation, going out for December 2020. Downtown New Haven has some upscale shopping options. Thanks! If you're from a more highway centric town in FL, this will be a different experience. People will dart out into busy traffic to cross and act like they think it's completely legal. The pies are what every out-of-towner seeks out when in … Whitney Center is a senior living community located in Hamden, CT, just north of New Haven. First of all, there isn't a grid system, and there is no North-South orientation, so rely on your GPS until you know where you're going! Here’s a really good link which I found simply by googling “Living in New Haven CT.” This would be considered well above the national population density level. Use the advanced filters to search specific care types such as 55+ Living, Independent Living, Alzheimer’s Care, Assisted Living, Continuing Care, Low-Income Affordable, Respite Care and/ or Home Care. Gas is expensive, and electricity prices are among the highest in the nation. Traffic from the surrounding suburbs is excruciating, even parts of Hamden can take 40+ minutes during rush hour. There are like a million threads with all this information already if you look. You wouldn't like it if I assumed you're a racist idiot, right? 1- It's rude to come to our subreddit and call our home ghetto and run down. Safety would be an issue. Thanks! Let’s start with the basics: New Haven, CT is located in New Haven County and it has a population of 133,379. We’ve been lookingn online ourselves, but opinions from locals would be bery valuable along side the information from stats and polls. Edit to add North Haven is good, too. Of course, various people up-to-no-good will wander into these nicer areas, and yes there are occasional robberies. What type of commute is acceptable and what is your preferred method of travel? East Rock is definitely sounding better and better the more I look into it. Bicycles everywhere, a bus system that is probably way better than anything you've seen in Florida. Once an important manufacturing center, it is known today as the home of prestigious Yale University. There's been a concerted effort to create bike lanes on major roadways, but I'd say New Haven has a long way to go before it's truly a bike-friendly city. If you were not aware, Comcast (which is a de facto monopoly in many parts of the state) instituted new data caps of 1.2 terabytes per month for internet starting Jan 1. We’re really looking forward to moving there. I blame Elm City Games for that :). I won't live here forever, but it is in the process of being... 'improved'. There is nothing like Publix here. NH is in serious need of a litter crackdown, but I think the city and police are a bit more preoccupied with other things. In the same boat as OP, moving to the area with wife and 2 year old and looking to buy.

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